There is Hope

12:16 PM

I am trying to be hopeful for the future.  Last night I got a huge surprise from GoDaddy.  It started with a tweet.

Then and email.

I checked the Healthy Moms Magazine and I couldn't believe it.  The site is back online! Now I have to figure out how to back up all my files just in case this happens again.

The business of online publishing has it's highs and lows. There are times when I will have advertisers lining up for me to publish their ads and times when brands are just looking for free pr. During the months of August and most of September they all were just looking for free content or content in exchange for their product.  I can not afford to do this and it is not smart for my business.

Over the years I have learned that if you want to have a successful online publication you have to treat it like a business. I am working for my magazine.  Therefore, if I want a paycheck I can not do any work for free.  Now that my site is back up and running I can publish ads again. There is hope.

There is also hope that I will get my money back from Chime.  My attorney is sending out a letter to them.  All he needs is my signature.  I just hope that I will get that money before Christmas.  If not my kids are getting all of their gifts from the Dollar Tree and Five Below.

Now for the latest updates on the zoo.  I haven't done this in a long time.


This photo was taken in Florida back in March.  In May she started a new job at Bethesda Thrift Store.  The people she works with are very kind to her and she loves her job. In two weeks, Goose will finally move out.  I can't believe this day is actually arriving. I thought she was going to live with us forever.

She applied to a group home for young adults with mental health disabilities back in May. She was placed on top of the waiting list because we live in the same county where the group home is and she will benefit greatly from their services.

At this home she will learn how to be a responsible adult. Chris and I have tried to teach her those things, but she refused to learn from us.  Goose will learn how to cook meals, get into the habit of doing daily chores, pay bills, and live in a community of other young adults.  She is excited but I also think the change will be difficult for her.

People on the autism spectrum like my daughter have a hard time adjusting to changes in routine.  This is going to be a major change in her routine.  She will wake up each morning in a different bed. Mom and Dad will not be there and her beloved cat will not be there. Baby is a loyal companion for our family as well as a comfort animal.  She helps all our kids with anxiety and brings them up when they are feeling down. Goose is going to miss Baby.

Goose has to email the lady in charge of the group home a copy of her last pay stub and a note from her doctor about her medications.  She set up her doctor's appointment all on her own without getting anxious.  I am confident that she will get the check stub emailed off as well.  Chris is not so trusting. He has been texting her about this. Talking to me about it, writing notes on the family chalk board about it and he won't leave Goose alone.  This morning she was really upset.  When I told her that I was confident that she will get the documents turned in on time and it is just her Dad that's concerned she felt a little better.  Don't worry, Chris. We got this under control!


She has decided that green peppers taste better when eaten like an apple.  We have had a few green peppers from the garden this year which have all been consumed by Kitty.

She is turning into a normal teenage girl.  When I was taking her to her music lessons the boys cross country team from Central High School were out running without their shirts on.  Kitty couldn't help herself.  She had to stop and stare and comment that they were hot.  I said, "You like boys."

She repeated, "I like boys. (I can't remember exactly what she said here but it was I like 'something that rhymes with things')."

I then said, "You like all kinds of different things. This could be a song. You should write a song about this."

After that she started singing the lyrics.  I asked her if she was going to write that for her rock band.  Kitty told me that a girlie song like that would not be appropriate because she is the only girl in the band.


Parrot is tall.  He won't admit it, but at 12-years-old he is nearly 5'5".  Compared to my 5'1" stature that is tall.  He sees everything black and white.  Because he is much younger than me and I am his mother it is difficult for him to accept the fact that he is taller than me.  He still says that he is short.  Parrot believes that if you are younger than someone else than you must be shorter than that person.

Goose is 4'9" but she is ten years older than her brother. Parrot believes that he is shorter than her. He feels the same way about Kitty.  Kitty is 5'0".  Parrot agrees with us when we say that he is taller than Monkey and Bear.  Monkey and Bear are his younger brothers.

This is annoying and I hope he outgrows it.  But for now, I have learned to just accept his way of thinking and not let it bother me. This is who he is.  His mind works differently than mine and nobody can change that.


He is number 49 this year.  Now that he is ten he's playing on a more advanced team and they practice four nights a week.  In his earlier years with football he only had practice three nights. Now it is getting more serious and Monkey is getting more serious about his sports as well.

His football team is undefeated. Monkey is a defensive tackle.  During the last game he had six tackles.  I was one proud Mamma.

Monkey is a very busy boy with a lively social life.  Not only is he in football he is also in a wresting camp that meets on Monday nights, plays the clarinet in band, and has a speaking part in the school play. We got him a cell phone for his birthday and he is the only one of our kids that spends most of his free time talking to his friends on his cell phone.

I am so proud of this boy.  He's the kid that is a little quiet, but kind to everyone and enjoys being around other kids.  He is too humble to admit that he has more than two friends.  When I took him to the high-school football game a few weeks ago he didn't even sit with me. Right when we got to the stadium he was called over by a group of his friends from football.  He hung out with them for nearly the whole game. He is a good kid.


Bear received his First Holy Communion a couple of weeks ago. First Holy Communion in September?  I know that sounds a bit strange, but with his special needs he just was not ready with his class back in May.  The First Holy Communion story is a long one so I should save it for another post.

He is having a difficult time adjusting to the new school year.  This seems to happen every single year.  Bear gets upset about something at school and lashes out physically on the teachers, staff and other students.  He has had a few in school suspensions and one home suspension already this year. I demanded another IEP meeting to find out why this is happening and how we can prevent it from continuing.

Bear is stubborn, doesn't like to obey the rules and gets upset easily if he doesn't get his way.  He responds well to rewards.  Negativity only makes his behavior worse.  He is in third grade this year and is considered one of the big kids.  He has a new teacher, a new social worker, and two  paraprofessionals work with him instead of the one from last year. These new faces and changes are stressful for him.  Bear is also very bright and he will challenge new authority figures to see how far he can get.  He wants everything his way.  He is also my baby.  I'll admit I have spoiled him and given into him, probably too many times. We'll see if things improve at school after his IEP meeting.


I love this picture.  I am sitting on my favorite recliner in the living room with my feet up as I type this. Baby is sound asleep on my legs. She follows me everywhere.  Baby does not like it if I am out of her site. I told Goose that if anything happened to me I would be more worried about how Baby would handle it than anyone else. I am her human.

Cats are not like dogs.  When you adopt a dog the dog becomes loyal to you. He accepts you as his leader.  Dogs in the wild live in packs with a pack leader.  Cats are independent.  They hunt alone.  The cat is the leader and boss.  When you adopt a cat the cat believes that she is adopting you. You belong to the cat.  This is so true for Baby.

I am her human.  I give her food. Provide a warm lap for sleeping. And I bring her comfort.  I must not leave her sight.

Have a wonderful weekend! If you are reading this please leave me a comment so I know that you stopped by. 

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