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Oct 9, 2015

Sunshine Sparkle

Kitty is a dreamer. She reaches for the stars and sets high expectations for herself. I love her confidence and determination. It reminds me of myself. She has been playing the guitar for nearly a year now and is turning out to be a dedicated and talented musician. Again, a likeness of myself (I play the flute).

But, Kitty has another dream and I am trying my best to help her reach for it. I believe using positive reinforcement and compliments will help boost our children's self confidence and they will try harder to impress us and make us proud.  This is true for my 9-year-old.

Last night while she was playing Amazing Grace on her guitar while singing, Goose and I applauded. Kitty was upstairs in her bedroom and Goose and I were down in the dining room at the time.  She still heard our applause and replied, "I love playing my guitar, especially when I am playing something that people like and want to hear. I am going to play Amazing Grace one more time for you, Mom."

Kitty dreams about being a professional entertainer.  She has talked about becoming an actress, a stand up comedienne, a professional country music singer and more recently a YouTube star. I believe in her, not just because I am her mother, but because I know what she is capable of.

Her guitar teacher always gives her positive feedback at the end of her lessons and he believes in her too.  Recently I helped Kitty set up a YouTube channel.  She took on the stage name of "Sunshine Sparkle," a name that she has given herself.  Her show is called "The Sunshine Sparkle Show." I am going to try to help her out with it as much as time allows, but the creativity is all her. I am encouraging her to sing and play her guitar for her YouTube Channel. Who knows, after a few more uploads she may eventually become a YouTube sensation.  I believe in her.

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