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Dec 3, 2014

Happy the Elf

I love celebrating Christmas. We have many Christmas traditions including driving around to look at the lights, listening to Christmas music, saying special prayers after lighting our advent wreath and displaying our nativity scene.  This year we started a new tradition.

On the morning of December 1 the kids woke up and found a visitor from the North Pole.

Meet Happy the Elf.  Happy is a friendly scout elf sent by Santa to watch the Talbert kids and report back how they have been behaving.  Each night he leaves our home and heads to the north pole with the help of some Christmas magic.  The next morning he appears in a new spot in our home.

Kitty was extremely excited when she first met Happy.  Every day she leaves him notes and pictures with all of her wishes for Christmas.  Each night Happy takes her notes up to St. Nick.

Happy can not speak to the kids so on occasion he will leave them a note.  If the kids touch him he will lose some of his Christmas magic. When one of them misbehaves I always say, "Happy is watching you." This quick reminder works to discourage the bad behavior.  I have also noticed that my kids are a lot kinder to each other too.  They know that Happy also reports all the good deeds that they do too. Tonight he will leave again for the North Pole and return back to us the next morning.

Today he is just hanging out.

Where will Happy end up next?

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