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Apr 28, 2014

I'm Back!

After my in-laws left last night my Stress, Stress and More Stress has eased. I love my in-laws and they are great people I was just extremely busy cleaning my home and preparing for their visit so blogging was temporarily put on the back burner.  My parents are coming out to visit this Saturday for Kitty's First Holy Communion, but my housework is minimal due to the fact that I just completed a very thorough cleaning for my previous guests.

This week I am back to blogging and am planning on visiting as many of my blogging buds as I can.  I am only taking Friday off to prepare for my parents' visit.

For today's post I will share with you what The Talbert Zoo has been up to this week in photos. Enjoy!

Last Tuesday  Little Bear fell off of the coffee table and split his lip.  I didn't know if he needed stitches or not, but after a phone call to a nurse at the clinic I found out that all he needed was ice.  It has healed up nicely now.

My awesome carpet cleaning job! I spent nearly 5 hours cleaning the carpets downstairs before my in-laws arrived. This is what 5 kids do to carpets. If we didn't rent I would have hard wood floors instead of carpet.


 The Cub Scouts Blue/Gold dinner.  They had a cowboy theme.  Parrot had a lot of fun and got his Tiger Cub badge.

Spring soccer started last week.  This is Monkey's second time in soccer and Kitty's first. Monkey did an awesome job and scored a few goals. He is learning how to be a better teammate.  Kitty had an attitude problem and stuck her tongue out at me during her first game. Hopefully she will learn how to be a better sport and have fun trying her best. But I don't think sports are for her. 

Goose went to the Junior prom on Saturday.  She didn't  have a date but was able to meet up with a large group of friends. 

Goose is only 4'9" and most dresses are made for taller girls so my sister-in-law had to trim her dress.

This is what I am looking forward to for this week, besides my parents visit and Kitty's First Holy Communion.

We are going to have spring for a few days! But then it will get cold and rainy again when my parents arrive.  What is the weather like where you live?

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