The Sickies

4:16 PM

Last night I returned home only to learn that the six people I left all got sick with the Norovirus. According to the CDC, the Norovirus is "Norovirus is a very contagious virus. You can get norovirus from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces. The virus causes your stomach or intestines or both to get inflamed (acute gastroenteritis). This leads you to have stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea and to throw up."

Usually Chris leaves me with the kids while he travels for work, but this time he tried his hand at being a single Dad while I was visiting family.  When I found out that everyone got sick this past week I felt helpless, and guilty about leaving them.  My motherly caring instincts set in and I desired to be home taking care of my babies.

Kitty was the first one to get sick. On Saturday she threw up and wasn't able to eat much until Monday. Like dominoes falling each member of the family got sick, including Chris. Goose was the last one to get the nasty virus.  She threw up all over her bed, garbage can, clothes, carpet, and anything that was in her way last night. I am still cleaning up her mess.

So today I sit here home with three (Goose, Parrot and Monkey) ill children.  I had to postpone Parrot's IEP meeting which was scheduled for this afternoon.  I'm also sanitizing everything that I come in contact with and anything the sickies may have touched. I can not under any circumstance get sick.

Has anyone in your family caught the Norovirus this year?  If not, watch out because it is coming to a neighborhood near you!

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