I Miss Summer Already

12:23 PM

Today is October 2 and it seems like August and September flew by way too quickly.  The temperatures in the Inland Northwest are dropping well under 50 degrees and I hear the wind howling every night.  I sure wish it was still summer.

The kids and I had a fantastic summer.  In June we visited my parents out in Wisconsin.  The weather was hot and humid so we went swimming nearly every day at the local out door swimming pool.  Even though I made sure they all wore floatation devices my kids are little fish. They probably could have swam without them, however I prefer that they are safe while in the water.  

When we got back from Wisconsin the kids started swimming lessons and the pool close to our home.  The outdoor pool is close to the high school and a large park.  They also have a wading pool for little ones.  Bear  and Monkey enjoyed swimming in the wading pool while Parrot and Kitty were in their lessons.  At the pool the parks and rec department provided fun, kids swimming goggles for them to use during their lessons.  I remember on particular pair was yellow and in the shape of star fish.  The highlight of Parrot and Kitty's lesson was when they dug through the tubs to find the perfect pair of goggles.  The pool had a wide variety of swimming goggles including some that resembled Predator Flex goggles from Zoggs.

Swimming lessons ran for about two weeks this past summer.  Once they were over Parrot started Tee Ball. Chris and I were worried about how he would behave during Tee Ball, but fortunately we did not encounter any major incidents.  Tee Ball ended in August.  We had something going on every weekend in August until school started shortly after Labor Day.  

The kids have been in school for a month now but for me it seems like it has only been a couple of weeks.  Do you miss summer yet?  What do you like better, summer or fall?

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