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Oct 9, 2013

A Family Game Night Would be so Much Fun


Now that my kids are older I am thinking it might be a good time to start planning a family game night. Every once in a while I play cards with Goose. It would be a lot of fun to include Parrot and Kitty in the card games. Even my younger kids are starting to play games.  Monkey and Bear have Hungry Hungry Hippos which I remember playing as a kid.  It would be fun to play classic games like, Monopoly or Life with my family.

Hasbro has a ton of family game night ideas on their website.  They suggest playing anything with your kids from Jenga to Monopoly to Scrabble and the game of Life.  My mother is really good at Scrabble.  I remember playing it with her when I was younger and we used to joke around that she was a sore winner.  Every time she would win she'd holler, "Woo! Woo!"

Most of the games from Hasbro are for older kids but I know a ton of card games that I can play with my younger ones.  My favorite simple card game for little kids is Go Fish.  It is so easy that I think even Little Bear will be able to learn to play.

What are some of your favorite games to play on family game night?

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