Moving? Maybe in a Couple of Years

4:47 PM

I love the Inland Northwest, except for the climate, but I can share more about that in another post.  We moved here in 2010 a couple months before Little Bear was born.  It took us a long time to unpack because I just had a baby and Chris' time was consumed by work.

 If I could move all over again I think I would do a few things differently. I remember telling myself that once we were in our new home I was going to organize every room and eliminate clutter, but it seems like the opposite happened.  After three years I am finally getting my act together, getting rid of old junk and organizing.   If you are moving, here are a few tips to help make moving a lot easier.

I think these tips will come in handy when the zoo moves once again in a couple of years.  Do you have a story about moving that you can share?

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