A Conversation With Monkey

1:59 PM

When we were about a half an hour from home after our long family vacation to visit relatives out in Wisconsin, Monkey had some very important information to share with Chris and I.

Monkey: When we get home, Dad you and Mom are going on a helicopter ride.  Parrot, Kitty and Bear are going on the helicopter too.  I am staying home and babysitting Goose.

Dad: Really?

Kitty: Where are we going? Can we go to Las Vegas?

Monkey: You can't go to Las Vegas because there are too many bad guys there.

Mom: How about Alaska?

Monkey: Yes you can go to Alaska. There are not as many bad guys in Alaska. But you better be careful because there are some bad guys.  I am going to babysit Goose and cook pizza for dinner.

I guess I better start packing for my helicopter ride to Alaska.  Although, Monkey didn't say exactly when we are going to leave.  

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