Friday Funnies from the Zoo

1:55 PM

In Parrot's school journal: "I like my Dad
I like Pizza 
But I Love the Grey Goo!"

The Grey Goo from the computer game Tasty Planet Back for Seconds

Conversation with Monkey

Mom: What is on your face?
Monkey: Marker.
Mom: Why do you have marker on your face?
Monkey: Kitty told me to do it.
Mom: Do you do everything that she says?
Monkey: Yes.
Mom: If Kitty told you to jump of a bridge would you do it?
Monkey: Yes.
Mom: If Kitty told you to kiss a girl would you do it?
Monkey: Yes.

I think Kitty has her little brother wrapped around her finger.

Conversation with little Bear

Dad: Is that my boy who is awake?
Bear: Yes. I'm done sleeping.

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