The Broken Tooth and Other Stories From The Zoo

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I have a toothache. In fact this tooth has been hurting for a couple of years now. Last Sunday as I bit into my breakfast sandwich my tooth broke in half. I think I swallowed the piece that broke off too. I still don't know if I am going to die or get sick from swallowing a tooth, but so far I'm feeling alright.

When I went to the dentist on Monday I found out that my tooth is decaying but because the break did not effect the root I can save the tooth. For only a $1200 investment I can get a crown placed on my tooth, but I will have to see a specialist to get a root canal first. I don't know how much that is going to cost but $1200 is our family vacation money. The dentist told me that he is in the business of saving teeth and was glad that he would be able to save my tooth. However, he informed me that if I do not wish to save my tooth they can also remove it. Later I found out that the dentist only charges $200 to pull a tooth. I think it is time to say goodbye to my poor little tooth that has caused me so much pain. Last night it hurt so bad that I had a hard time getting to sleep. Fortunately I still had some strong pain pills left from when little Bear was born. After taking a little ibuprofen, hydrocodine and doxylaminie Succinate and I slept like a baby. I need to schedule my dentist appointment to get this darn tooth pulled soon!

Parrot started pre-school. The first day he went I cried. I don't know why because when Kitty started Kindergarten I didn't cry, but after I watched my sweet little boy get on the buss I could not stop the waterfall from gushing. He goes two days a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. Hopefully this will help him learn how to socialize with his peers. I am having my doubts, though.

This weekend I helped him fill out his Valentine's Day cards for his classmates. When we went over the names on his list I asked him if he was friends with each child. After each name Parrot replied, "I don't like (name of child)." I hope this changes and he is able to make friends. Whenever I ask Parrot about his day he replies, "Can you tell me?" I always answer, "No, Honey I didn't go to school with you. Mommy stayed home. You have to tell me how your day was." I still don't know if he likes school or what he is doing every day.

My husband and I have been having issues. So we decided to take the Five Love Languages Quiz. My dominant language is Words of Affirmation my lowest love language is Physical Touch. My husbands dominant love language is Physical Touch. It is true that opposites attract. I still haven't found out what he wants me to do to show him that I love him every day. But he has been great about complimenting me and telling me that he loves me every day this week. I think we still have a little work to do.

I am feeling a little better about myself this week and started working out again. Winter returned this week so I am looking forward to going down to Sacramento in April. I'm getting cabin fever and can't wait for spring!

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  1. It’s good that you decided to had your decaying tooth removed. I know how painful it is to have one! It is really excruciating! And removing the bad tooth will prevent the decay to spread from your other teeth.

    Kaley Baum


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