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Dec 5, 2011


A cup of water sat on the kitchen counter. Curious, Monkey climbed on a chair to investigate. Oops! he accidentally spilled the water on the floor.

Mom: Go and get a towel and clean it up, please.
Monkey: -blank expression-
Mom: (again) Go and get a towel and clean it up, please.
Monkey: -still just staring at the spill and Mom-
Mom: Okay, I will clean it up. (grabs a towel and mops up the mess)
Monkey: No! Me clean! Me!
Mom: Okay? There is a little bit more water in the cup. Go ahead and spill it so you can clean it up.
Monkey: Okay.

Monkey then spills the remaining water, gets the towel and cleans up the new mess. I think my son is going to be a janitor some day.

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