He's Walking!

5:44 PM

How old were your kids when they first started walking? Little Bear is our earliest walker. Goose started walking when she was 13 mos, Kitty was 15 mos, Parrot was 17 mos and Monkey started walking at 12 mos. Bear is only 11 mos and is walking all over.

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  1. So exciting! He's just a doll! That unsteady wobbling stance is so cute.

  2. Thanks, blueviolet! Thanks for visiting.

  3. He is an early walker! My oldest was 15 months, one of the twins was 12 months and the other was 16 months.

  4. It is so funny watching him walk because Little Bear is really tiny. He is below the regular growth chart. We like to say that he has his own chart. He's about the same size as an average 5-6 month old. Thanks for visiting, Lisa!

  5. I love how patiently you waited! This is just fun. I remember being so excited too to see my babies walk.

    Around 13 or so months.

    He is adorable!

  6. That does seem early - my son was closer to 14 months and my daughter was about 12 months.

    He is a cutie :)


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