I Forgot About My Lunch

3:19 PM

As busy moms sometimes we put others ahead of ourselves. I know I do. Raising five children and taking care of a husband who has a busy career is so time consuming that I forget about what is more important...taking care of me.

Today is one of those crazy days that is just flying by. You know the feeling right? You wake up in the morning guzzle that first cup of coffee and before you know it the hours pass by like a freight train. I was so busy making sure my little girl got to the bus stop in time, my baby had his morning cereal, my husband was kissed before he headed out the door, and my two little boys had clean faces and were dressed for the day that I don't remember even getting dressed this morning. But hey, I am wearing clothes so I must have done that. Did I shower? Well, that is another story!

Now back to the title of this story...while making scrambled eggs for Monkey and Parrot I noticed that my tummy was grumbling a little. So I decided that I should get a little bite to eat myself. I popped some leftover spaghetti and chicken in the microwave and managed to enjoy a couple of small morsels before Monkey made a mess with the items in our junk drawer. Before I knew it he had gotten into my photo hangers and had nails and tiny hangers all over the floor. Fearful that as soon as I put the baby on the floor he would get into the mess and choke I left my lunch to clean it up.

After that and a couple of diaper changes and tucking one tired and cranky toddler in bed for a nap (45 minutes later) the lightheadedness consumed me. I forgot about my lunch. I think I have learned that I need to make more time for myself. What about you? Do you make sure you take the time to take care of YOU?

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