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Aug 26, 2011

Monkey's Day in The Zoo

I am so sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while. My husband has been out of town a lot more often than normal this summer and it well, just has been crazy in our home. Below is a little story about what Monkey did yesterday. Yes this is a true story and told in a way that only a two year old can tell.

Monkey's Day in the Zoo

I had a busy day today. Mommy made me waffles for breakfast but I really wanted juice. I got mad when she put the juice in a cup with a top so I took the top off and poured it all over the kitchen floor. Mommy was mad and made me clean it up. I love to clean. Maybe I will do that again so I can clean it up.

We went to the library for story time. I love story time. Mommy was busy with the baby so I ran around the room. I love the pretty artwork on the walls. There are fun things to tear off of the artwork. Mommy got mad when I threw a bean I tore off across the floor. I had a time out outside.

I love to play outside in our backyard. Mommy set up my pool. It is a blue hippo. I love my pool. I also love helping Mommy set up the pool. She went inside to take care of the baby. The hose was on so I watered the patio and Daddy's grill. The door was open so I thought it would be fun to clean the carpet with the hose. Mommy didn't think that was fun. I had another time out and she turned the hose off.

I love to play with my big sister. She is a lot of fun. She found this cool black powdery stuff. She gave it to me and I remembered seeing Daddy use it when he was cooking hamburgers. It was easy to open but smelled funny. It made me sneeze so I poured it all over the grass. Mommy got mad and I had another time out.

Naps are yucky! When Mommy told me it was nap time I was happy to see the baby in his crib. I decided I could play with him instead of sleeping. The toy box makes a great step stool. Big brother's dresser is great for climbing too.

Snack time was fun. Mommy gave me a box of bunny grahams. I dumped them all over the floor. Mommy made me help clean them up. I love cleaning.

We went on a car ride to drop off Guhguh (Goose). I was tired.

We had tacos for dinner. I love squishing up the tortillas and taking bites out of all of them.

We sat outside by my pool. Mommy had the baby and her phone. I was mad. I wanted her attention so I took her phone and threw it into my pool. Mommy got mad. Then Daddy got home and we were all happy.

Bedtime is yucky. Mommy always has the baby at bedtime. I want her to hold me. I got mad. The baby went to bed first and I got to lay down with mommy. I had a busy day.

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