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Jul 18, 2011

Taking a Day Off of Motherhood

Sometimes don't you just wish you had a day off? Wouldn't it be great to spend just a few hours away from home, away from housework, and away from fighting, screaming kids? I love my life and family, don't get me wrong, but this month has been so crazy and hectic so I decided to take a day off.

The month began with a trip to Sacramento to visit my in-laws over the Fourth of July. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed the nice warm weather down there, but it just wasn't enough time away for me. When I spoke to my mother over the phone yesterday I told her that I needed a break. She said that I could fly out to Wisconsin and stay with them. I told her that I would have to take the baby with me and of course she loved that idea. If only I had the money to afford it. If I could afford to fly back home whenever I wanted I would go out there every couple of months or so. My mother said she would love that and it would be very therapeutic for me. I guess I can just keep dreaming.

Another reason why I need a vacation is because I have been playing single mom for a good majority of the month of July. It is a little too much for me to handle too. My husband is in sales and his job requires him to travel 3 days a week and work from home 2 days a week. Usually he is somewhere close to home and is back shortly after dinner. This month, however his schedule is a lot crazier.

He had an overnight conference the second week of the month and didn't return until two days later. This past weekend he was gone from Friday until late last night. He is home today, but tomorrow he will be gone all day and return after the kids are in bed. Then this coming weekend he leaves again and will be gone for three days.

Yesterday Parrot turned four and Daddy was out of town. We still had a celebration for him, but it wasn't the same without his father. So this evening the co-zookeeper decided he'd take us all out to Chucky Cheese. High calorie, fattening pizza - yum that is all I need! But we don't treat the kids to unhealthy food and fun that often. I just hope that Chucky Cheese has tomato free pizza because Parrot is allergic to tomatoes.

Because of the craziness this July I told my husband that I am taking today off. The house is a mess, laundry has piled up and I had a tough time pealing my nearly two-year-old off of my hip this morning, but I left anyway. Even though I am taking time away from my home and family I still have to work. So I am sitting here in Starbucks with my iced mocha, my laptop and my crackberry (still don't know why people refer them to that mine freezes up all the time). I am going to finish blogging and then I need to invite more parents to my free parenting webinar. So far only 6 have signed up. I have a ways to go and only one week left. Hopefully I will still have enough time today to go outside and enjoy the warm weather before I return home at 4pm.

Have you ever taken a day off?

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