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Jun 15, 2011

Are Goose and Kitty Really Best Friends?

Kitty is growing up and sometimes I wonder if Goose ever will. A few days ago we were outside for a walk and when we got closer to home Kitty saw three little girls her age playing outside with a pink motorized Barbie car. Like a typical five-year-old girl, she got excited and wanted to join in the fun. The co-zookeeper and I let her run off and play with the other girls. We just told her to stay close to home.

Now if Kitty sees those girls outside she runs out to play, sometimes forgetting to even tell us where she is going. We live in a safe neighborhood full of young families like ours and I remember the joy I felt when I played with my friends outside in the summer when I was Kitty's age. As long as I can see her from our window I think it is alright.

Goose misses Kitty. She loves getting attention from her little sister. Now that Kitty has some new friends in the neighborhood Goose is left behind. My two girls have very different personalities. Kitty loves to socialize and be the center of attention. Making friends in the neighborhood is a dream come true for our little princess. Goose is happy with one or two close friends and she would rather sing and listen to music in her bedroom than go out with friends. Although, now that the school year is finally coming to a close Goose is getting together with a couple of her friends.

Last night Kitty was outside with one of the neighbor girls until 8:30pm. This is the latest I let her stay out. Goose complained about missing her the whole time. Usually Kitty gets excited when her big sister comes home from school and the two are inseparable. But now that Kitty has friends her own age Goose isn't as interesting as she used to be.

The older sister is upset because Kitty has changed the normal routine for her. Kitty likes variety, Goose hates change. I sure hope that Goose will get used to this. Kitty will not be five forever.

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