Why Do Boys Follow Their Moms Around?

12:13 PM

I love my three little boys but sometimes they can be like hemorrhoids. They can be a pain in the butt and no matter what you do you just can not get rid of them.

They follow me into the kitchen when I am trying to do the dishes.

I am trailed up the stairs, into my bedroom and into my bathroom.

We play follow the leader around the house while picking up the toys.

They stick with me like glue when I go into the garage to throw away a dirty diaper.

I love my boys, but I desperately need five minutes of alone time.

Do your kids follow you around or am I just super loved?

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  1. They REALLY like to give me lovin when I say "Stay away from mommy for a minute, you're couching all over the place and mommy has an immunodeficiency blood disorder" and they're all like "Can we lick your spoon?"

  2. Yep, I have THREE velcro kids. In fact, two are fighting over my lap as I type...

  3. That sounds so familiar, MaryAnne. I don't remember my daughters following me around quite like the way my sons do.

  4. My girls didn't follow me around as much as my boys do when they were little.

  5. I guess you should enjoy it while you can, I know you have a teenager too, and I have a 14 yr old and a 10 yr old - and my son (14) barely comes out of his room now! - lol

  6. Yes, sometimes all day long. Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom. lol. Nice post:)

  7. Do they maniacally jiggle the door handle when you're in the bathroom, repeating "Mom? Mom? Mom, you locked the door. Mom?"

  8. My son did the same, he actually would scream bloody murder if I did not let him in the bathroom with me. Up until he was 2, I practically wore him like a uniform. And he was heavy too....lol, I can see humor in this now but it was not so funny then.

  9. If I lock the door to the bathroom my boys scream and cry. Beauty and the Green, I totally understand what you went through!


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