Juggling Motherhood and Life

2:53 PM

I work from home and I try my best to not let that get in the way of my main responsibility as a mother. Yesterday my parenting skills, time management skills and my person as a whole were tested.

I love my job as a writer, blogger, online merchant and social media expert. I sit in front of my computer and network with moms from all over the world. These online friendships mean a lot to me because I am stuck in this house with four small children all day long. Online is my only way of communicating with sane adults until my husband comes home.

Some days it feels like I have two jobs - my at-home social media job and daycare provider. Staying at home with my children is supposed to be fun, but most days it just feels like another job. I failed miserably at that job yesterday.

At 12:30 in the afternoon I finished my article on my blog and blasted it across all of my social networks. I had already commented on several blogs and finished checking my books for my online store. Excited about quitting early I realized that it was awfully quiet in the house. In fact it was too quiet.

All the kids were upstairs, including little monkey. "Sh*t!" I thought. "What are they up to now?"

I was horrified when I saw the destruction in the boys' bedroom. Somehow the three kids got into Goose's room and found a purple Sharpie. They then created elaborate drawings all over the walls. Every single wall in that bedroom of our beautiful RENTED house is now covered with bright purple marker. I nearly died.

Today I am questioning my parenting skills. Should I have been upstairs along with the kids instead of downstairs communicating to all of you through this fascinating online world? Maybe I need to think harder about how I manage my time. Or maybe this was just destined to happen and there is no way I could have prevented it. I still think I failed miserably.

As I write this I am waiting for Monkey to wake up from his nap so I can attempt once more to get all the purple marks off the walls. A friend suggested I try using lighter fluid. The fresh bottle of magic liquid is waiting on the counter for me. I'll let you all know if it works. If it doesn't then we need to confess to the management company and hope that they let us paint.

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