You Know You NEED Mommy Time When...

10:41 AM

  1. You notice that you are wearing the same clothes every day for a week.
  2. The days of the week seem to blend together and you can't remember what day it is.
  3. Every day is a bad hair day.
  4. You walk out the door with your winter coat on and ask yourself, "When did spring arrive?"
  5. A full pot of coffee is brewed in the morning. You get one sip. By the time you get back to your coffee it is late, the kids are in bed and you are left with a full pot of cold coffee.
  6. You picked up the same toys at least a dozen times in one day.
  7. It is 5pm and you are still in your pajamas.
  8. You are surrounded by this hideous odor and wonder where it is coming from before realizing that it is you.
  9. Eating makes your teeth and gums ache.
  10. You've swept the floor, changed two dirty diapers, picked up toys, made four beds, put a load of laundry in, did the dishes, wiped three runny noses, and refereed five fights all before noon.
I think I need some "Mommy Time."

How about you?

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