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Jan 21, 2011

A Conversation with Parrot

Meet Parrot

Parrot is a very intelligent and sensitive three year old. He has an extremely long attention span, can put together a 200 piece puzzle and is stubborn as h*ll. He is also obsessive compulsive and when he makes up his mind nothing will change it.

Last night before the co-zoo keeper got home I was sitting on my favorite chair breastfeeding little Bear when I was approached by Parrot.

Parrot: "I want to watch Netflix on the computer."

Zookeeper: "I am sure you do."

Parrot: "I want to watch Netflix on the computer."

Zookeeper: "I am sure you do, but I'm feeding the baby right now so I can not help you."

Parrot: "I want to watch Netflix on the computer."

Zookeeper: "Maybe when Daddy gets home he can set that up for you."

Parrot: (I bet you can just guess what he said.)

Zookeeper: (Bear finished eating and started to fuss.) I want the baby to stop fussing.

Parrot: (Once again, I bet you already know what he said)

Zookeeper: "I want a big hot fudge sundae. Doesn't that sound good? What do you want?"

This was the start of a new game. He finally got his mind off of Netflix. Our conversation went back and forth on what we wanted. Ending with Parrot saying this.

Parrot: "I want to hold the baby."

He got to hold his baby brother and I think we both won until the co-zookeeper got home. Guess what Parrot said he wanted then?

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