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Sep 1, 2015

#WordlessWednesday with #linky on a Tuesday - The Sad Bird Feeder

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My backyard bird feeder attracts more than just birds. When it's full of seed a sly squirrel visits. He jumps on top of the feeder and chews it to bits. There is a hole on the bottom left side and a piece is chewed off of the top right.  I taught the kids to scare the squirrel away, but he still returns and does more damage to my sad bird feeder.  Do you have squirrels in your yard?

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Aug 31, 2015

The Cat and the Toothpaste

Let me tell you a story about a young boy and his cat.   The boy is very kind, caring and always does what he is told.  He loves helping out his mom and taking care of others.  He especially loves taking care of his cat.
Every night the young boy  gets his pajamas on, reads a book, and brushes his teeth before bed.  He loves reading to his cat and she loves the attention she gets from the boy.  They read stories like, "That's Not My Bear," "Bubble Trouble," and "Miss Spider's Tea Party." The boy loves his cat very much.

One night the boy said to his dad, "Dad, I need to brush my teeth, so I think I should also brush the cat's teeth."

Dad said, "No. Cats don't need their teeth brushed. Besides she will not like it either. Please do not brush the cat's teeth."

This only made the boy more curious and he wanted with his whole heart to take care of his beloved kitty.  "If I don't brush her teeth," he thought, "Then she will get sugar bugs in her mouth, just like I do if I don't brush my teeth. When I don't brush my teeth it makes Mommy mad. I must brush the cat's teeth."

Disregarding what his father had said, the boy quickly put toothpaste on his sister's toothbrush. Then he chased the cat down the hallway until he caught up with her. Swiftly he forced the toothbrush into the cat's mouth getting toothpaste on her chin and backside.

The cat meowed, and raced down the stairs foaming at the mouth.  "What happened?" Mom exclaimed.

"He tried to brush her teeth," replied the older sister pointing at the accused.

"Oh, no!" Mom cried racing to get a towel out of the linen closet.  She wrapped the cat in the towel, wiped her face and called the vet.

"There's something wrong with my cat," the kids heard their mother say over the phone.

"My son tried to brush her teeth and now she's foaming at the mouth."

"He used Aim Toothpaste. No, I don't know if there is xylitol in it. There's no ingredients list on the tube."

"Thank you. Yes we will bring her in if there are any more problems."

Mom put the cat and the phone down and began to scold her son. "You are very lucky young man. The toothpaste does not contain xylitol which is very harmful to cats. If it did we would be at the vet's right now."

The boy learned his lesson and promised he will not ever brush the cat's teeth again.

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Aug 27, 2015

Our Summer - Back to School - I'm Back to Blogging

 Yeah! I am back, the kids are in school and we had one heck of a crazy busy summer. I am going to attempt to fit all three of those things in one post and get it written in less than 20 minutes. Plus, I am going to include a linky at the bottom of all of my posts so you can share a link to your latest blog post. That way I will visit your site sooner and won't have to totally rely on my feed reader. So, yeah again we both win!

Part One: Our Summer

We had a fun, busy, fast, but great summer.  It started off with the purchase of a new home closer to the kids school. Followed by a move and a week later an across country trip to California to visit relatives. Here are a few photos from our summer.

June 4, 2015 school let out and we went for a walk. While out on our walk we came across a family of geese.

June 7, 2015 I took Little Bear one last time to the park near our old house.

On June 10, 2015 we said goodbye to Momma Robin, and played in the pool.

I don't think I am going to get this post done before I have to leave to pick up Little Bear.  To be continued when I return...

I'm back!

June 13, 2015. We closed on the house and said goodbye to the beautiful Angel on the wall of Parrot's new bedroom.

June 17, 2015. We caught lightening bugs and played by the pond at the Pioneer Center. Kitty started her Animal Art Adventure Day camp at the Pioneer Center.

June 23, 2015. I grilled out for the first time. I think I have used Chris' grill for a total of four times now. I'm getting pretty good too!

June 25, 2015. We went on a nature walk before the big move.

June 27, 2015. The big move! We moved to our new home. What an adventure! It is a whole mile away from our old home.

June 30, 2015. We celebrated our new home with a fire pit and s'mores treats.

July 1- 12, 2015 we went on a cross country trip to Sacramento, CA to visit Grandma and Grandpa and our cousins
On our way through the mountains. I think this is Utah.

We visited a park near Grandma and Grandpa's

The boys got their hair cut from their aunt.

Little Bear loved his hair cut so much he started dancing.

We visited the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento.

Little Bear

On the way home we passed through the mountains again.

and saw a beautiful rainbow in Utah

When we drove through Iowa the air was hazy from the Canadian wild fires.

July 14, 2015. We welcomed a fur baby into our family. Glenda is our new kitty and we all spoil her.

July 17, 2015. We celebrated Parrot's 8th Birthday.

July 31, 2015 we celebrated Monkey's 6th Birthday.

He wanted to go to the splash pad for his birthday.

August flew by way too quickly here's the last month of our summer in a nutshell.  (Wait, it's still August, right?) These photos are in reverse order. We will end with the beginning of the month. 

We visited a local outdoor water park/ public pool for our last summer weekend.

Monkey lost his first tooth the day before school started.
I grilled out again. 

Glenda tried to hide in the bushes. But I found her!

Mmm beer.

Mmmm chicken.

Little Bear walked into a door knob.

We found mosquitoes in our pond.

Had some bad weather pass through Chicago.

I found out that Parrot's feet are almost the same size as mine.

Kitty selfie

It rained. Again.

I can't take enough photos of my pretty little kitten.

Selfie with Little Bear.

Glenda in her new pink collar and harness.

Part 2 Back to School

Kitty, Parrot and Monkey started school yesterday. They still attend the same school as last year, but now we live so close to the school that I can see it from my deck.  This week I am walking the kids to school and back. However, with Kitty in 4th grade and Parrot in 3rd, they are a little embarrassed to have Mom escort them to school. This morning they ran ahead and I walked slower with Monkey. Little Bear decided to come along as well. 

With the kids gone for the day it is awfully quiet around here. Glenda is noticing it too. She wanders around the house meowing and looking for the kids after they leave for school.

Today was Little Bear's first day of Pre-K. He's attending this day care, after school care, preschool, child learning center about a mile from where we live. I love the convenience of the center being so close and it is only 5 years old so they use the latest technology. The school even has this giant IPad thing on their wall. It's really cool. 

Part 3 - I'm Back to Blogging!

Over the summer I updated my main blog, The Healthy Moms Magazine regularly, and I also fit in a few social media campaigns for clients,  but I only had time to update this one on Wordless Wednesday with Linky on a Tuesday.  I also failed to find time to read and comment on other blogs regularly. My time was consumed by the kids, vacation and our move.  

Now that the kids are in school I am organised with my blogging and promise to update The Talbert Zoo at least 3 times a week and visit as many blogs as possible.  I even organised my space with a bulletin board that I made with cardboard from an old box, felt and glue. 

I have my calendar, blogging tasks, important blogging events that I am attending and a weekly planner hanging up so I will stay organised. 

I also love my little corner office space in the front of the house. 

I still use feedly to read blogs but I've decided to try something new. From now on whenever I update The Talbert Zoo I am going to include an ongoing linky at the bottom of the posts.  I still value your comments and am going to continue to use my feed reader. But, I've learned that if I use an InLinkz linky and turn on e mail notifications when a link is inserted, it is so much easier to click on the link in my e mail to visit a favorite blog and leave a comment.  So here it is. My new ongoing comment back, favorite blog post share linky.  Please leave your link and a comment.  I am going to reply to all the comments and visit the blogs that leave their links.  

Leave your link and I will visit and leave you a comment.  Leave a comment at the end of this post and I will reply to your comment. Blogging is all about relationship building. The best way to build online relationships is by getting to know each other better through reading and commenting.

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